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The best Ringu-site on the net. It contains lots of information about the movies, television series, novels and also mentions the lost scenes, pictorial cast list, timeline to the novels, manga-comics and also the screenplays, remake news, wallpapers, screensavers, merchandise, links, realplayer- and flash-files etc. Thanks J Lopez.
I actually found this site when my site was almost complete and since RINGWORLD is so great I had to add links to it everywhere.
Go there! :-)


A swedish site that sells all the RING-films and the RING-novel!

A great site with english reviews of the films, the TV-series, the manga-comics and also many pictures and even quicktime-movies. If you have seen the remake and would like to see some clips from the japanese movies go there! Beware of the movie-files though, since they might spoil your japanese Ringu-experience.

RING CYCLE (english)
Yet another great Ring-site with a lot of unusual images from the films. Thanks Mandi.

Encyclopedia of Fantastic Film and Television (english)

Goblins Will Be Thine (english)

Braineater: Ring (english)

The Ring Forum (by ringworld)

Official Ringu Film Site (french)

Ringu Forum (french)

Sadako! (image)

Asian Horror Invasion (english)

Ringu 2 review (french)

Lego-Ringu :-D

Hideo Nakata interview (italian)

The Ring remake offical website (english)

Version 3.1 (last updated June 7th, 2005).

Hello and welcome to RINGU FAN. My name is Arvid W. Forsberg, I live in Sweden and I am the creator of this site.

Since you are here you are probably (as I am) a fan of the world of Ringu. If you haven't seen the Ringu-movies, please read the below text and click the links at the middle of this site to learn more about them.

Spoiler-Alert #1! This site is mainly for the people who have seen them, so I must warn you that some of the images at the bottom of this site may spoil some elements for you in the movies. Continue at your own risk.

I have watched horror-movies all my life, but the Ringu-movies beats EVERYTHING - they REALLY scared me. :-)

Searching the web and looking for information about Ringu and Sadako isn't easy. There's not a whole lot of information- or fan-sites out there. So I created this site for the hardcore Ringu-fans (like myself) and also to people who want to see them.

This site shows some basic information about Ringu, a large collection of unusual images from the movies and also links to a few good Ringu-sites out there. Did I miss any? If so, please email me the URL.



Based on the novels Ring, Rasen and Loop by Suzuki Koji there are five Ringu-movies; Ringu (1998), Rasen (1998), Ringu 2 (1999), Ringu 0: Baasudei (2000) and The Ring Virus (1999 - Korea).

Ringu and Ringu 2 was directed by Hideo Nakata and Ringu 0: Baasudei was directed by Norio Tsuruta. Rasen (TV) was directed by Iida Jouji and The Ring Virus was directed by Kim Dong-bin. Truly amazing directing.

Writers that contributed to the Ringu-movies are Takahashi Hiroshi (Ringu-, Ringu2- and Ringu 0-screenplays), Iida Jouji (Rasen screenplay) and Kim Dong-bin (The Ring Virus screenplay). Fantastic scripts.

So far I have seen Ringu, Ringu 2, Ringu 0: Baasudei (I saw them back in spring/summer 2001), The Ring Virus and I can truly say that they are masterpieces and landmarks in the history of horror-filmmaking. If you enjoy watching horror-movies and haven't seen them yet I really recommend that you go out and buy them RIGHT NOW. I also recommend that you watch them alone at night with all the lights off - (candles are OK). You should also watch them in the correct order.

Please note: If you do so and buy the Ringu-films and they scare the living daylights out of you, you loose a lot of sleep etc. please remember that YOU decided to buy the movies - I did not persuade you - so do not blame me for seeing them. :-)

This is REAL horror and I wonder if there ever will be anything more scary than this. If so, it will probably be written by Suzuki Koji.

If you are a fan of horror-movies, your life will change after seeing these films. They truly split your life into two parts:
Your life before you saw the Ringu-films
Your new life after seeing the Ringu-films.
All the films you see afterwards will be NOTHING compared to the Ringu-films and believe me - you will compare them.

Hollywood college-horrorfilms (horror? haha) are like Cartoon Network compared to japanese horror. You can't even begin to compare them. Period.

There also spawned many manga-comics and TV-series from Suzuki Koji's creations. The manga comics are Ring (1996), The Ring: Volume One (1999), The Ring: Volume Two (1999), Rasen (1999), Ring 2 (1999), Birthday (1999), Ring 0 (2000) and The Curse of Yamamura Sadako (2000).

The TV-series are Ring: Kanzenban (1995 - directed by Takigawa Chisui and screenplay by Iida Jouji & Soshiya Taizou), Ring: Saishuushou (1999 - twelve episodes - directed by Fukumoto Yoshito and screenplays by Tokita Kouji & Takayama Naoya), Rasen: The Series (1999- twelve episodes - directed by Fukumoto Yoshito and screenplays by Tokita Kouji & Takayama Naoya.

This site is a Ringu-experience where you can see everything at the same time with a few spoiler-alerts. I created it this way and it doesn't matter how many pictures I post here - everyone keeps asking for more. :-) I can easily put in a left- and/or a top-frame with a menu but I don't want that. If you want a large site with many menues etc. then visit the great Ringu-site ringworld. I know that this way is a lot more old fashioned but this works too. And 9 out of 10 visitors seems to like it this way.

Thanks for visiting!

//Arvid Forsberg, Sweden, 2002

Latest news!

The Ring novel
by Suzuki Koji
is now available in 286 pages english hardcover at:

(only swedish customers)

"Ring", Koji Suzuki, ╔ditions Presses Pocket, Collection Terreur
(Pocket #9273), 2002. Translated by Annick Laurent. ISBN: 2-266-12123-5.

"Double HÚlice"
[Rasen], Koji Suzuki, ╔ditions Presses Pocket, Collection Terreur (Pocket #9274), 2002. Translated by Corinne Atlan. ISBN: 2-266-12124-3.

Thanks Vincent!

Site created by Arvid Forsberg in early spring 2002
Special thanks goes to Pasi, Annika and Moviemix.nu.
And oh, Koji Suzuki and Hideo Nakata etc. of course.

Thank you for visiting Ringu Fan and LONG LIVE/DEAD SADAKO!
(One of the guys in the Guestbook wrote that and I just had to put it here!)
Ringu 2 VCD cover

RINGU FAN is one of the largest and most visited Ring-sites on the net! Spread the word!
News: This site has a large graphic content and may take a while to load. 1024x or higher, IE6, Firefox and broadband is recommended.
This site is a tribute to the original japanese Ring-movies. Enjoy.

2005 NOTE: There will soon be an all new version 4.0 of RINGU FAN - stay tuned folks.

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(a.k.a "RING") - 1998
A Tartan Video Release
Tartan DVD
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Orie Izuno .... Sadako Yamamura
Nanako Matsushima .... Reiko Asakawa
Hiroyuki Sanada .... Ryuji Takayama
Miki Nakatani .... Mai Takano
Yuko Takeuchi .... Tomoko Oishi
Hitomi Sato .... Masami Kurahashi
Yoichi Numata .... Takashi Yamamura
Yutaka Matsushige .... Yoshino
Katsumi Muramatsu .... Koichi Asakawa
Rikiya Otaka .... Yoichi Asakawa
Masako .... Shizuko Yamamura
Daisuke Ban .... Doctor Heihachiro Ikuma
Kiyoshi Risho .... Omiya the Cameraman
Masahiko Ono .... Okazaki
Y˘ko ďshima .... Reiko's Aunt
Kiriko Shimizu .... Ryomi Oishi
Full Cast & Crew of Ringu (IMDb)

(a.k.a "RING 2") - 1999
A Tartan Video Release
Tartan DVD

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Orie Izuno .... Sadako Yamamura
Daisuke Ban .... Dr. Heihachiro Ikuma
Ky˘ko Fukada .... Kanae Sawaguchi
Kenjiro Ishimaru .... Omuta
Nanako Matsushima .... Reiko Asakawa
Katsumi Muramatsu .... Koichi Asakawa
Miki Nakatani .... Mai Takano
Shir˘ Namiki .... ?
Yoichi Numata .... Takashi Yamamura
Masahiko Ono .... Okazaki
Rikiya Otaka .... Yoichi Asakawa
Hiroyuki Sanada .... Ryuji Takayama
Hitomi Sato .... Masami Kurahashi
Taro Suwa .... A inspector
Yoshiko Yura .... Nurse
More of Ringu 2 (IMDb)

(a.k.a "RING ě: BIRTHDAY") - 2000
A Tartan Video Release
Tartan Asia Extreme DVD

See DVD info at: www.tartanvideo.com


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Yukie Nakama .... Sadako Yamamura
Kumiko Aso .... Etsuko Tachihara
Daisuke Ban .... Heihachir˘ Ikuma
Chinami Furuya .... Girl
Masami Hashimoto .... Kiyomi
Kazue Kadokae .... Sud˘
Masako .... Shizuko Yamamura
Ryűji Mizukami .... Wataru Kuno
Kaoru Okunuki .... Aiko Hazuki
G˘ Shimada .... Miyaji's Co-Worker
Junko Takahata .... Kaoru Arima
Seiichi Tanabe .... T˘yama
Yoshiko Tanaka (I) .... Sh˘ko Miyaji
Takeshi Wakamatsu .... Yűsaku Shigemori
More of Ringu 0: Baasudei (IMDb)

Buy this movie at Amazon!
Buy this movie at Amazon!
Buy this movie at Amazon!

Buy Hideo Nakata's latest masterpiece "DARK WATER" at YesAsia.com:

Dark Water (Overseas Version) $12.25

Dark Water (Japan Version) $44.99

Dark Water Original Soundtrack $17.99
(Overseas Version)

More on DARK WATER at IMDb...

Read a review of this movie at Moviemix!

If you like the Ring-films, then you are
going to enjoy this one! --- Arvid

A lot of people keep emailing me and asking for pictures of Yukie Nakama (the girl who plays Sadako in Ring 0: Birthday). I found this on the net, but since this site is a tribute to the Ring-films and not to well, her - you have to find more on your own. Here is her official homepage. Thanks Megumi.

Latest news: Here are all the Dutch-releases of Ringu. All but Ringu 0: Birthday are released and that one will be released by WorldWide Cinema on rental DVD/VHS on 04-03-2003 and Sellthru DVD/VHS on 22-04-2003.

THE ORIGINAL RING - PROMO DISC, also a Dutch WorldWide Cinema release. It is the original Ringu 1 (again), but now with 12 trailers from other WorldWide Cinema releases and a Dolby 5.1 soundtrack instead of the 2.0 of the previous Dutch version. It is a promo disc and it will be available for a limited time.

Ring: Spiral aka Rasen / The Spiral (the first sequel to Ringu) will be released in Holland on DVD and VHS by WorldWide Cinema. DVD/VHS Release: 15-04-2003 (rental) / 20-05-2003 (retail). DVD Specs: Region 2, 16:9 anamorphic widescreen, Japanse language, Dolby Digital 2.0 and 5.1, optional Dutch subtitles, no extra features.
See more of WorldWide Cinema's releases at www.worldwidecinema.net.

Latest dutch-news from www.dvdspecials.nl - thanks again Niels.

Below are the three images used on the Ringu-cover. Click to enlarge (~1,000 pixels wide). Enjoy.


Comments or questions?
Hundreds of visitors has already emailed me about Ringu Fan, so please don't hesitate to contact me and tell me what you think about this site and perhaps share your Ringu-experiences.

Note: If you have questions about the films, please read the FAQ first.

If you can't find the answer to your question in the below FAQ then email me.

You can also find a great FAQ at ringworld.


Last updated April 20th, 2004.

Where can I buy the original Ringu-movies (with english subtitles)?
A: There are links at the middle of this site to sites where you can buy them. I recommend Amazon (see BUY-links above the FAQ) where you can buy all Tartan Video-releases (in region2 DVD) for about £18 each (USD$29) . I guarantee that they are worth it! It doesn't matter where in the world you live, you just need a codefree DVD-player (PAL-compatible) to watch them. Enjoy.

Q: Do you know where I can buy the original Ringu-movies (with english subtitles) as CODEFREE DVDs?
A: Ringu 1 and Ringu 2 are PAL and region 0 (which is codefree). Codefree means that it can be played on any DVD-player. These films are PAL though and therefore require a PAL-compatible DVD-player. Ringu 0: Birthday is region 2 and therefore require a DVD-player that can play region 2 and also PAL. If you live in Europe your DVD-player will do just fine. But in other parts of the world (U.S etc.) you will need a codefree DVD-player (plays all six regions) which also plays both PAL (Europe's videoformat) and NTSC (U.S-videoformat). There should be a PAL/NTSC-switch located on the front or the back of the player. See your DVD-manual or ask the seller where you bought it for more information about your DVD-player. If you live in the U.S your TV is usually NTSC-only, but that shouldn't be a problem since your PAL/NTSC-DVD-player (if you've got one) will convert the PAL-signal into NTSC and then send the NTSC-signal to your NTSC-TV. The End.

Q: Where can I buy the original japanese versions (with japanese subtitles etc.) of the Ringu-movies?
A: They're available on a few asian film-websites. You can for instance get them at www.yeasia.com. Please see the links at the middle of this site for exact links.

Q: How do you know if your DVD player is a codefree player?
A: The seller usually tells you - when you buy it - if it's codefree. See the manual or ask where you bought it. You can also test it by playing foreign DVDs. If they work properly, well then you got yourself a codefree player.

Q: Do you have any idea if a code-specific DVD player can be switched to code-free?
A: Yes, most DVD-brands can be rebuilt and become codefree. It could cost you +$100, though - but it's worth it. Ask where you bought it or look in DVD-magazines for more information.

Q: I don't have a DVD-player - can I buy the original Ringu-movies on VHS?
A: Yes you can, Tartan Video has all the three films on both VHS and DVD at their website. They are PAL though and require that your VCR can play the PAL-videosystems (The U.S uses the NTSC-videosystem). And yes, they have english subtitles.

Q: Can I play the region0/region2/PAL Ringu-DVDs on an Microsoft Xbox or a SONY Playstation2?
It is possible to alter those systems so that they become CODEFREE, but I am not certain that a codefree Xbox or PS2 can play both NTSC and PAL. They work on my PS2, but I own a PAL/region2-version.

Do you know if the Ringu-films found on Amazon.co.uk and Tartanvideo.com have english subtitles?
A: Yes, they do. Go get them!

Q: Does the Ringu-movies (english release by Tartan Video) have an option to hear in English i.e dubbed?
A: No, they all have japanese sound and english subtitles. It would be a terrible ragedy to dub these films.

I'd like to read the Ringu-novels, by Suzuki Koji, are they available in english and if so where can I buy them?
Filmpunkten.com (swedish site)

Q: Do you know which publishing-company released the Ringu-novels? I would like to contact them and ask if they'll ever translate them into english.
A: Vertical Inc.

Q: What do you think of the american remake?
Overall, a well done production and good directing. I was quite surprised on how much they had stolen/borrowed from the originals but that's how things work in "Sillywood" I guess. Another surprise was that it was as scary as a saturday morning episode of Scooby Doo. The Six Sense scared me more than this... That's no good. Sillywood is making remakes of THE EYE and DARK WATER as well now... *sigh* I wouldn't be surprised if they made a remake of Kairo (Pulse) as well. Is it that hard to read subtitles? I don't get it. What do you think about all this? Please sign my Guestbook and let me/us all know.

I have seen the remake and/or the Ringu-films but I do not understand the strange images shown in the film(s) and what their symbolism is?
I will not spoil it by writing it here. I guess you just have to see them all a few times to get it...(?)

Have got the translation/subtitles for the korean Ringu "Rasen"?
A: There is a UK-release and/or dutch-release of Rasen out there.

Q: Is there a Ring-videogame?
Yes, there is and it's for SEGA DC. Check it out at: http://us.infogrames.com/games/thering_dc/. Thanks Eric. There has also spawned a lot of remakes and clones. One example of that is a PS2-game called "Forbidden Siren" - which seems pretty good.

Can you email me some Ringu-trailers?
A: I only have the trailers on my DVDs, sorry. If I find some online I will put up links to them here.

Q: Are you registered on Ring Forum?
A: Nope.

Q: I also have Ring-site. Can you link to me if I link to you?
A: Sure. Just send me your URL to and I'll put it up A.S.A.P.

Q: I would like to link to Ringu Fan - do you have a banner that I can use?
A: Yes and you can find it at the bottom of this site.

Q: How old are you? :)
A: I am 27.

Arvid in 2001
More about me.
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£19 / USD$29
(DVD5, PAL, region 0, anamorphic widescreen & english subtitles)
£19 / USD$29
(DVD5, PAL, region 0, anamorphic widescreen & english subtitles)
£19 / USD$29
(DVD5, PAL, region 2, anamorphic widescreen & english subtitles)
Seiichi Tanabe plays Tôyama in Ring 0: Birthday. Visit Seiichi Tanabe HP for more information about him.

Various links: The Ring (english):

http://film.guardian.co.uk/features/featurepages/0,4120,356916,00.html -

Various links: The Ring 2 (english):
Nanako Matsushima as. "Reiko Asakawa" in Ringu 1.
Nanako Matsushima as. "Reiko Asakawa" in Ringu 1.
Hiroyuki Sanada as "Ryuji Takayama" and Nanako Matsushima as. "Reiko Asakawa" in Ringu 1.
Nanako Matsushima plays "Reiko Asakawa" in Ringu 1. You can read more about her here.
Below are four of the many great japanese actors/actresses in the Ringu-films. Hopefully you haven't seen these unusual pictures.
Various unusual Ringu-pictures! Enjoy... (Spoiler-alert!)
Hiroyuki Sanada plays "Ryuji Takayama" in Ringu 1. He has also starred in "Ninja in the Dragon's Den".
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READ THIS BEFORE PURCHASE! On Amazon.co.uk it says that all the three Ring-films are REGION 2. I have bought all my Ring-films there though and on the back of my Ring and Ring 2 it says REGION 0 (codefree) and on the back of Ring 0: Birthday it says REGION 2. I really doubt that Tartan Video has released the films in two different versions, so I think that Amazon has the wrong information online. But if you want to 100% sure you better ask them.


"THE RING VIRUS" - Buy it at HKflix.com with eng subs
(The Korean Ringu-remake!)

- Buy it at Yesasia.com with eng. subs OR
buy it at Amazon.co.uk with eng. sub

"KAIRO a.k.a PULSE" - Buy it at HKflix.com with eng. subs

"S:T JOHN'S WORT" - Buy it at Yesasia.com with eng. subs

BATTLE ROYALE - Buy the SE at Amazon.co.uk with eng. subs

AUDITION - Buy it at Amazon.co.uk with eng. subs

These titles are also available at: Filmpunkten.com
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...Ringu fans has visited my site since early spring 2002!
RINGU FAN is one of the largest and most visited Ring-sites on the net! Spread the word!
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Most images here are of "Sadako".
Ringu 0: Baasudei
Ringu - Chinese Cover/Poster
Thanks Vicky.
Ringu Cover/Poster
Ringu Poster (Italy)
Ringu Poster (France)